Ian Ziering Says The CW Destroyed 90210 Day

If you think that 4/20 is the only clever twist on the calendar, think again. In case you missed it, yesterday was September 2, 2010, also known as, 90210. If you were not a fan of Beverly Hills 90210, I would encourage you to abandon post. Actually, abandon blog, because I have no use for people that missed one of the best shows in television history. In a new interview, Ian Ziering/Steve Sanders, revealed that the entire cast was ready to do a reunion in honor of 90210 day, but “The CW dropped the ball.” Gosh, it shocks me that The CW can’t put a simple reunion together, considering they cannot even put a respectable remake on the air. If I were Ian Ziering, I would probably forgo any attempt at a reunion on The CW, so that the public will quickly forget how they bastardized his show.

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