Lady Gaga Gives Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Speech — Confirms She’s Annoying

Once upon a time it annoyed me when entertainers joined causes. Then I grew up, and thought — well, at least their using fame for something good. Lady Gaga’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell speech, brings me back to my original hypothesis — stick to your day job. Dressed in a predictably ridiculous style, Gaga gave a speech to a random crowd in Maine, and her voice hurts my ears. She assured the crowd that she “wrote the speech herself” which I sincerely believe, given its quality. First, if you’re going to be taken seriously, then perhaps you should dress as Stefani Germanotta, not “Lady Gaga.” Second, I choose not to listen to anyone that mocks animals by dressing in a meat dress. I’m not a vegetarian, but I also don’t arbitrarily slaughter animals to wear their meat on my head — I eat them. And Lastly, you’re too young and too new to the industry for this crap. I’m sick of it — get on a stage and sing.

Update: It occurred to me that I would take this speech just as seriously if it was said by Borat.

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