Today’s Question: Is Chrissie Hynde the Best Female Vocalist in History?

Mark McGrath appeared on Howard Stern yesterday to promote his new show, Don’t Forget the Lyrics!, and Stern asked him to name his favorite female Rock vocalist.  McGrath picked Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders.  The first person that came to my mind when Stern asked the question, was Nancy Wilson of Heart, but Hynde is certainly a good choice.  She is currently the only remaining member of The Pretenders, which makes the group more of a tribute band than anything else.  That being said, I’d still like to see Hynde perform live.  The song below, Brass in Pocket, was their first major hit from their debut album, Pretenders, reaching number one in the UK.  So who’s your choice for best female rock vocalist?

2 thoughts on “Today’s Question: Is Chrissie Hynde the Best Female Vocalist in History?”

  1. Martin Chambers is still in the Pretenders along with new guys Nick Wilkinson and James Walbourne. BTW they are a crackin’ live band. PS Chrissie’s other band JP, Chrissie and the Fairground boys is smokin hot. Saw them last night and was very impressed. She still has it in spades!!

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