Lifetime Doesn’t Get It — Tim Gunn Removes His Video Critique

There is only one person in the entertainment industry that properly gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at a television show, and that’s Tim Gunn. Gunn discussed the debauchery of the Project Runway producers in his Facebook video blog, and he later removed it because it created a “hurtful reaction.” I’m sure this “hurt” was experienced by the producers that he outed (he even used their names) as incompetent during his episode recap. Gunn said that the challenge simply didn’t “make sense,” as Jackie Kennedy would not be caught dead in American sportswear. He even divulged that he crashed the runway to interrupt the judges, because he felt they were being unfair to his designers who had trouble understanding the ridiculous challenge. No need to explain that Lifetime edited out Tim’s tirade, because they don’t know what makes for good television. There is an important lesson to be learned here. Not only do the Lifetime producers have trouble managing their own show, but they also have trouble understanding the importance of Gunn’s video blogs. If they were creatively adept, they would surely air them on the Lifetime website, because they are better than the show itself. Get your act together, guys. To watch the video, click the link below. Gunn may have removed it from his Facebook page, but not before it was grabbed by other bloggers.


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