Today’s Question: Is Bruce Springsteen Jewish?

Bruce Springsteen joins Sting on my fantasy list of hot entertainers I’d like to be stuck with on a deserted island.  In my fantasy, we get rescued from the island after many wonderful years living off the earth, and we continue our May-December romance on dry land.  Though I can imagine my mother finding Sting to be a little strange, I think Springsteen would win her over.  Why?  Because he’s Jewish, isn’t he?  When I Googled his name to confirm, I noticed something very strange.  I spelled his name wrong!  He’s not “Bruce Springstein!”  His name has a double ‘e’ at the end!  Translation?  Bruce is not a Jew! How on earth am I going to take him home to my mother after we exit our deserted island?  Alright, enough.  We will just have to stay on the island forever, like The Blue Lagoon (only I’ll sink the rescue ship instead of eating poisonous berries).

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