Mad Men Kills Off Character — I’m Not Happy

I must confess that I just began watching Mad Men.  I figured if I was going to insult the Rolling Stone cover, and have a girl-crush on Christina Hendricks, it’s only fair that I start to watch the show.  Last night’s episode, Jesus, What a Mess, resulted in Ida Blankenship’s death, which shocked me, mostly because she just started to get the best lines, and served as some great comedic relief for the show.  Roger Sterling had the most poignant line about her death, saying, “she died like she lived, surrounded by people she answered phones for.”  Wow, if I ever had motivation to escape corporate America, Sterling’s sad line might have solidified it.  I suppose it was foreseeable that she would have a short shelf-life, because Don Draper will likely need a hot secretary to sleep with again.  That being said, it always pisses me off when a character I get attached to suddenly dies — even if she has one line per episode.

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