Keanu Reeves Wants Another Bill & Ted — What About Ted?

Usually when an actor hopes to resurrect their hit film from many years ago, it’s because their career is stalled and their out of money.  Keanu Reeves is an exception.  The man is uber rich from his Matrix films, yet he still wants to do another Bill & Ted film, out of sheer love for the movie.  So what about Alex Winter, who played Ted?  Apparently, Alex and Keanu are still friends, and they are both trying to convince the original writers to get on board.  Plus, Winter is still in the business, so I’m sure he would not object to co-starring in another film with Keanu Reeves.  While I’m usually against unnecessarily sequels, for some reason this one doesn’t bother me.  So what about you?  Any interest in seeing this film again?

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