Olivia Munn Strips for GQ — Because She’s “Funny”

When Olivia Munn was hired as a new correspondent for The Daily Show, the show was accused of sexism, because Jon Stewart hadn’t hired a female correspondent in seven years, and the one he hired isn’t exactly “funny.”  Translation? Many comedians auditioned for the role, and Stewart hired the hot Playboy model.  GQ interviewed Munn, and she posed in her bra and underwear, because . . . you know . . . that’s hilarious.  When asked how she got the role, she said she met Jon Stewart, and asked whether the holocaust happened.  Why?  Because nothing says knee slapper like asking a Jew about the existence of the holocaust.  Munn said Stewart immediately realized she had a Daily Show sense of humor.  Yeah — or she showed up looking like she did in her GQ photo-shoot.

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