Olivia Palermo Says The City is Fake — Bad Decision?

In response to Whitney Port’s recent interview that Olivia Palermo is just as horrible as she is portrayed on The City, Palermo fired back, saying that the show is, “absolutely not reality,” and it’s a “business decision.”  If she’s telling the truth, I’m confused.  Shouldn’t her overall “business” goal be a positive portrayal?  I certainly would not agree to appear on a reality television show as the bitchy villain.  If I were Olivia watching the first season, I would immediately call Mtv and ask to be released from my contract.  And that goes for all the reality television villains, including Scott Disick and Spencer Pratt.  I wonder what their childhood goals were.  “Hi Mommy, when I grow up I want to be on television, and I want to play a douchebag.”

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