Whitney Port Promotes Advice Book on Chelsea Lately — Has No Advice

If you watched The Hills or The City on MTV, you might remember the drama-free Whitney Port.  She managed to stay classy in crazy town, and she’s riding the success of her MTV career with a new book.  She appeared on Chelsea Lately, and after watching the interview below, I have absolutely no idea what the book is about.  Chelsea said there is “good advice” in the book, and then asked Whitney how to get rid of terrible party guests.  Whitney then said she had no idea, and she usually just “lets it play out.”  Wow, I’m going hit Borders tomorrow and pick that up.  Nothing like getting advice from someone that has no advice to give.  At least she bad-mouthed Olivia Palermo, though. I love a good cat-fight.

Olivia Palermo Says The City is Fake — Bad Decision?

In response to Whitney Port’s recent interview that Olivia Palermo is just as horrible as she is portrayed on The City, Palermo fired back, saying that the show is, “absolutely not reality,” and it’s a “business decision.”  If she’s telling the truth, I’m confused.  Shouldn’t her overall “business” goal be a positive portrayal?  I certainly would not agree to appear on a reality television show as the bitchy villain.  If I were Olivia watching the first season, I would immediately call Mtv and ask to be released from my contract.  And that goes for all the reality television villains, including Scott Disick and Spencer Pratt.  I wonder what their childhood goals were.  “Hi Mommy, when I grow up I want to be on television, and I want to play a douchebag.”

Jonathan Alperyrie is Whitney Port’s Mysterious French Photographer on ‘The City’

After scouring the internet for way too long, I discovered the name of the steamy French photographer that shot Whitney Port’s look book on last night’s ‘The City.’  His name is Jonathan Alpeyrie, and I’ve listed his website below.  I dedicated such an insane amount of time locating his name because . . . well, I’m pretty shallow and he’s very good looking.  Aside from that, he really is talented.  I hope that Whitney will come to her senses and go on another date with the guy, but after seeing her eyes glaze over when he brought up a heavy subject involving something other than clothes and glitter, I imagine she’ll stay uninterested.  Sigh – perhaps she’ll find someone she has more in common with. 

Jonathan Alperyrie Website

‘The City’ Spoiler – Olivia is "Dead"

Yes I am aware that I am loading my website up with spoilers, much to the dismay of some of my readers who hate them.  The good news?  I love them, and here at justTHEdish I get to do what I love.  Tonight’s episode of ‘The City’ looks especially juicy, with Kelly Cutrone’s proclamation that Olivia Palermo is “dead.”  It looks like Olivia is pissed that Erin circumvented her attempt to shun Whitney from Elle, so she refuses to interview her for Elle online.  That leads Erin to confess to Whitney that Olivia never liked her line.  This show sure is juicy!