Sheryl Crow at The Greek — Concert Review

I’m officially in love with Sheryl Crow.  I’ve been a fan since her debut album, Tuesday Night Music Club, but I have never seen her perform live.  She did not disappoint.  Early on in the show she admitted to having the flu, which made the concert more personal, and I found myself wondering if she’d be able to make it through the concert at full steam.  She did.  I was also surprised by the bluesy feel of the show, because I always placed Crow in the pop genre.  But the jazzy riffs blew me away.  At one point Crow said, “I have the greatest band in the world . . . all I have to do is stand up here and shake my ass.”  She’s right.  Had Crow been absent, I still might have enjoyed the show, by listening only to her band’s jam sessions.  Colbie Caillet opened Crow’s show, and she was also great.  Caillet may be another Crow in the making (and not because they both enjoy wearing extremely short shorts).  She’s currently still climbing her learning curve though, because she doesn’t quite look at home on stage yet.  Unlike Crow, she sang her songs exactly as they were on the album, without changing up the melody.  I have a feeling that Caillet is on track to headlining her own shows.  Overall, a fantastic show, and I imagine that Sheryl Crow will spend the rest of the weekend in bed with tea.

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