Underrated Movie of the Week: Extract

I’ve often complained that there are no good movies anymore.  The truth is that the good movies are out there, but hard to find.  Why?  They are poorly promoted, and unless someone in the film is dying of cancer, it’s unlikely that a low-budget, artsy movie will garner any critical traction.  For this week’s underrated film, I’ve chosen Extract, starring Jason Bateman and directed by Mike Judge.  Both Bateman and Judge are comedically gifted.  Judge created Beavis and Butt-Head, and wrote and directed Office Space, one of the greatest movie of all-time.  Extract centers around Bateman, who owns a factory that makes extract.  His marriage is sex-less, and he is convinced by hit pot-head friend (Ben Affleck) to hire a male gigolo to seduce his wife, so that he won’t feel guilty about having an affair of his own (with Mila Kunis).  You have to rent it to find out what happens next.

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