Best Entourage Cameos

I confess that I don’t regularly watch Entourage, but my brother is an avid fan, and he often calls me about very funny celebrity cameos.  My favorite is Jessica Simpson, who proved that she has a sense of humor about herself.  Watch video of top cameos below.


In Jessica Simpson’s cameo, Ari is trying to persuade her to let him represent her again. Simpson refuses, and Ari gives her a dog to replace her precious Maltipoo, Daisy, that died last year. Simpson thinks the gift is inappropriate, and tells him off.


Matt Damon’s cameo comes a close second to Jessica Simpson’s. In the episode, he asks Vince to donate money to his charity, and Vince reluctantly complies, but never sends Damon the check. Damon calls Vince to yell at him, and has a bit of a breakdown in the process.


Tom Brady and Mark Wahlberg sign up for a charity golf tournament, and Turtle ignores Brady, because Turtle is a Giants fan.  When he approaches Brady, his feelings are quickly side-lined when Brady compliments Turtle’s girlfriend, Jamie Lynn Sigler, and invites the two over for dinner with him and Gisele Bundchen.  I suppose a celebrity invite trumps just about anything.


Val Kilmer’s episode is up there with my favorites, because Kilmer is so insane, I think his character might be close to the truth. He plays an extreme pot-head, and he sells the entourage some high quality herb.


Larry David could be funny without speaking. The Seinfeld co-creator and Curb Your Enthusiasm star, shows up to Ari’s office, demanding to know why Ari didn’t take him to the Lakers game, as promised.

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