Rumor Alert: Is Mark Salling Fired From Glee?

EXCLUSIVE BREAKING NEWS: The Hollywood rumor mill has put quite the nugget of gold on my doorstep.  I have to look into this further before I tell you it’s a “reliable source,” but I’ve been told that Mark Salling was fired by Ryan Murphy for pursuing “outside musical interests,” in violation of his contract.  Apparently, Salling recorded an album which pissed off the folks over at Glee.  I’m actually praying that I’m wrong about this, because I think Salling is one of the more talented folks on the show.  Story developing . . .

UPDATE: I have more dirt on this that I cannot share, but let’s just say I find it mighty interesting that Puck was absent from last night’s episode of Glee.

4 thoughts on “Rumor Alert: Is Mark Salling Fired From Glee?”

  1. I like him and I doubt this is true but he isn’t one of the most talented. Have you not heard the new song? Boring.

  2. He actually is one of the most talented, it’s not just about the singing, he’s an all round musician, he plays instruments, he sings well, he writes songs that while maybe not everyone’s thing, are good songs and they mean something which is more than can be said for a lot of current music.

  3. he actually could be cuase in s2 ep 4 duets hes not init his character is in juvey and know one knows when hes gonna come bk i hope its not true!!! 🙁 luv mark(puck) bet new sam kid is taking his place >(

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