Chris Robinson Calls Taylor Swift “Horrible”

Want to know the best way to get mentioned in the press when you’re Z-lister?  Well, you bash an A-lister, of course.  In a recent interview, Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes, discussed the current state of the music industry, and singled out Taylor Swift, as “talentless,” and a poor example of how everything “sounds and looks the same” these days.  Did Chris learn nothing from the Kanye West debacle?  Taylor Swift is untouchable, and unless you’re going to hop on the pop/country bandwagon, you better stay in your cave.

4 thoughts on “Chris Robinson Calls Taylor Swift “Horrible””

  1. 1. this guy is jealous and immature because taylor swift is making it and how are the black crowes not pop-country
    2. don’t act like a middle schooler and be nice to young skinny women with sculped arms and blonde hair if your ex wife aka mother of your children is a young skinny woman with scupted arms and blonde hair who is romatically connected to A-Rod and looking smashing all over the tabloids.
    3. i’m right that kate hudson was married and divorced from black crowes guy right? and liv tyler was married and divorced from a different dude? these women look great and they’re always dressed in stella mccartney.
    4. short shorts/bleachers = fun!

  2. yeah, kinda mean, but she does suck. Always reminds me of someone “really good” at a high school talent show.

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