Tim Gunn Calls Taylor Momsen a Thankless Brat — FINALLY!

I often take some time out of my very busy blogging life to attack Taylor Momsen.  But this time around, Tim Gunn did my dirty work.  Gunn filmed a cameo for The CW’s Gossip Girl, and finally exposed what many Gossip Girl fans have been speculating all along — Taylor Momsen sucks.  According to Gunn, Momsen could not remember her minimal lines, which held the cast and crew “hostage.”  He also revealed that the director confided in him how terrible it is to work with Momsen, saying with disdain, “this is day in, day out, of my life.”  When The CW chucked Momsen last season, I assumed her option was not renewed, and she was gone for good.  For some incomprehensible reason, the network has decided to resurrect her from the dead, so that she can return to television to mumble her lines in an excessively tweaked out fashion.  I can’t wait.

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