Verdict In — Casey Affleck Lied — Admits ‘I’m Still Here’ is a Hoax

Sometimes actors get an idea in their head that they are actually brilliant, and acting is merely a vehicle for them to enter a more difficult artistic medium, such as directing.  But to quote the great Alfred Hitchcock, actors are merely sheep.  That brings me to Casey Affleck, who got the idea in his pea-sized-head to make a documentary about Joaquin Phoenix, chronicling his descent into depression and drug addiction.  Despite his previous denials, he now admits the film is in fact a “hoax,” which technically makes it a mockumentary instead of a documentary.  Call me a humorless bore, but I don’t like being duped, and there’s nothing funny about Affleck’s concept.  As for Phoenix’s genius agent at William Morris, my advice is that you should have immediately dropped Phoenix when you learned about his choice to do this film.  And since you didn’t, Phoenix should now fire you for not stopping him.  That brings me to my closing tagline — good job, guys.  Further Reading: Casey Affleck Says Joaquin Phoenix Documentary Not a Hoax — Is he Lying or Evil?

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