Kim Kardashian Takes Mona Lisa Picture — With a Flash

If you have ever been to Paris to see the Mona Lisa, you would know that the process is a bit of nightmare.  Why? Because there are a ton of assholes standing around the painting with their cameras, snapping pictures with their flashes on.  It turns out that Kim Kardashian is amongst the assholes.  She recently posted a picture on her twitter page standing in front of the Mona Lisa, and you can see the flash reflecting off the glass behind her.  Everyone knows that flash based photography ruins paintings, but the Louvre maintains that it’s impossible to police in such a high-volume area.  Here’s my question: if the Louvre can’t even get its act together enough to control photographs of their most coveted painting, how do they control theft?  I hope Mona Lisa is armed, because she might have to protect herself.  Further Reading: How Kim Kardashian Stole Paris Hilton’s Life.

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