Dear Sirius — You’re Doomed Without Howard Stern

Many people don’t remember how they first heard about satellite radio, but I’ll remind them — it’s because of Howard Stern. Before Stern publicly announced that he was moving his terrestrial radio show to Sirius, satellite radio was an urban legend. So with the news that Joe Namath will host a radio show on Sirius, I couldn’t help but wonder whether the folks over at Sirius have any idea about what goes in to a decent radio show. You can’t just pull any famous name off the street, give them a radio show, and hope for the best. You have to find someone seasoned — someone who spent years polishing their craft — someone like Howard Stern. But with every entertainment medium suffering, I suppose I cannot expect radio to understand how to seek out new talent. Even the record industry is incapable of doing this. I get the feeling that Sirius no longer thinks Howard Stern is worth the $100 million per year they originally paid him, and Stern feels disrespected by their current offer. Plus, Sirius keeps putting big names on their stations, in hopes that it will generate the same devoted base that Stern created, but to no avail. Have you not learned your lesson yet guys? After all, they paid Oprah $60 million dollars, and the woman never even appears on her own station — they just play repeats of her television show. Did I mention that she hasn’t once even uttered the name “Sirius” on her own television show? Good job guys for not working that into her contract. But I’m digressing. Here’s my point — pay the guy the $100 million — otherwise, start making those bankruptcy phone calls now. Further Reading: Will Howard Stern Leave Sirius for an Adam Curry Podcast?

2 thoughts on “Dear Sirius — You’re Doomed Without Howard Stern”

  1. I have to disagree. While I can’t deny that Stern brought a lot of people to Sirius, I don’t think they’ll all just leave just because he does. My first exposure to satellite radio was with a three month subscription I received when I purchased a VW. When I got the car I was sure I would just enjoy XM for three months and then let the subscription run out, but I haven’t left since and it’s been four years now. Now, I can’t imagine life without it. I can’t stand the annoying morning DJs on radio and love that I can listen to anything I want without all of the mindless chatter in the morning. I love the comedy stations and sometimes even the talk radio stations. I plan to be a satellite radio customer for many years, and I know I’m not the only one.

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