Lance Armstrong to Admit Doping? — DON’T DO IT

20121017-100734.jpgI know women who have been cheated on, and despite the plethora of clues against their significant other, they always believe the lie. Why? Because no matter how damning the evidence, denial will always produce doubt. And before you dismiss my tangent as irrelevant, I’m about to explain. Rumors are circulating that Lance Armstrong will admit to Oprah that he doped. Though I can’t wait to see it, the rational side of my brain thinks it’s a bad idea. Let the man vanish into eternity with a tarnished record, and let the public’s seed of doubt remain. Without it, he’s a liar. And not just any liar. He’s the worst kind there is — the adamant, witch-hunt-screaming liar. I feel duped, disappointed, and outraged. I believed him. Had he just sat quietly while the accusations mounted instead of fighting so hard, perhaps the upcoming revelation would be easier to process. But the man actually sued people. So Lance, if you’re listening, don’t confess. Doubt is the most powerful weapon you can use to continue this charade.

Rihanna Talks Chris Brown to Oprah — Enough is Enough

If you don’t want your life defined by one incident, then stop talking about it. Though I understand Rihanna’s need to be as honest and open as possible with Oprah, it’s a bad idea to keep rehashing what happened with Chris Brown, especially from such an emotional place. She is obviously still mourning her breakup, and she should refrain from constantly reminding the public about the horrific abuse she suffered. Plus, if she really wishes Chris Brown the best as she claims, then the worst thing she can do is remind the public, once again, that he physically abused her.



Lisa Ling Likes Amateur Porn

My apologies to Lisa Ling for the title of this post, but I couldn’t resist. She appeared on ‘The View’ to promote her ‘Our America’ series on Oprah’s OWN network, and the first episode is about amateur porn. When Barbara Walters asked her to discuss the downside, Ling struggled and said that the couple involved can now spend more time with their child because they no longer have to work a full time job. Wow! Perhaps I should quit this time-consuming blog and change careers. Hats off to Lisa Ling for bringing attention to an attention-starved industry. Watch below.

Vintage Clip: Kirstie Alley Tells Larry King About Her Oprah Bikini Moment

I’ve developed a new love for Kirstie Alley lately, mostly because of her incredible performances on Dancing With the Stars. While watching some recent clips, I came across her interview with Larry King below, where she discusses her choice to appear on Oprah Winfrey’s show in a bikini. When King asked her “what she was thinking,” Kirstie accused him of looking disgusted by the clip. She then explained that she didn’t know the clip would live on forever, and she just figured she’d pose once and then be done with it. Here’s hoping she gets a show on Oprah’s new network where all she does is prance around in a bikini.

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Jennifer Hudson Stands up Oprah — Behind the Scenes Footage Revealed

The only show on Oprah’s new network, OWN, that is getting the proper attention, is the behind the scenes footage of Oprah’s CBS show. That makes sense, especially because Oprah works best as an on-air personality, instead of a development executive. I’m not quite sure what she’ll do with this new gem when she goes off the air, but I’m sure she’ll think of something similar. Because I love when celebrity-bad-behavior gets exposed, the Jennifer Hudson drama is my favorite clip so far. In a nutshell, Jennifer Hudson was scheduled to appear on Oprah, and after showing up for the sound check, she flew out that night to perform at a private party. Because of a blizzard, her return flight was delayed. Basically — She stood up the Queen. Oprah and her team were extremely pissed — and rightfully so. You don’t schedule an Oprah appearance and then book a private party just so you can make some extra money in between. It’s risky and unprofessional. Judging from the clips below, she learned her lesson. Click to watch.

Jennifer Hudson Stands up Oprah

Oprah Scolds Jennifer Hudson

Oprah Won’t Save Soap Operas — Bad Decision

Devastated fans inundated Oprah’s message board with pleas to save their favorite soap operas. Oprah denied their requests via YouTube video, saying that “the bone marrow truth” is that there are just not enough people who are home in the daytime to watch them.” Though Oprah’s theory is true, she’s still missing a gigantic point. Oprah’s new network, OWN, has a different ratings standard, and if her shows had the same ratings as All My Children at the time of cancellation, it would be considered a huge success. Let me break this down for fear that I’m being unclear. Major networks have a higher ratings standard for their shows. What’s considered good ratings in cable, is considered horrible ratings on a major network. For example, All My Children had 2.6 million viewers at the time of cancellation. Oprah’s viewership for her OWN shows averaged 310,000 an episode. Basically, Oprah would thank her lucky stars for those ratings. Not only would she look like a hero for saving those shows, but she’d also carry an existing audience to her network. Translation? — Save the soap operas!.

David Arquette on Oprah — Clears His Image

Let me begin by saying how much I adore David Arquette.  He’s one of my favorite Howard Stern guests in history, and I appreciate his honestly in the press.  Also, I recently talked to him at a party and he was extremely kind and down-to-earth.  For those that know me well, you know that once you win me over, you’re on my favorite-person-list for life.  Arquette interviewed with Oprah to clear up his image after his recent rehab stint.  It was an extremely honest interview, with Arquette disclosing his tumultuous upbringing and the current state of his marriage to Courtney Cox.  Though I understand why Arquette interviewed on Oprah for image cleanup, I certainly hope to see him back on Stern in the near future.  The funny part about this is that Howard Stern constantly insults Oprah on his show, despite Stern’s admittance that he’s watches Oprah daily.  Now if we can only get Howard Stern to appear on Oprah.  That might make my head explode.  Watch a part of Arquette’s Oprah interview below.

Dear Media, STOP Interviewing Michael Jackson’s Kids

I know there’s an insane interest in what Michael Jackson’s life was like behind closed doors, especially regarding his children.  I also know that it’s very difficult to turn down  an interview that will likely generate ratings.  That being said, there’s still an underlying moral code that should be executed by the media, and there’s a definitive line in the sand when it comes to Michael Jackson’s children.  First, while Jackson was alive, he was adamant about shielding his kinds from the media.  He made his wishes clear, and it wasn’t until his death that we heard any of them even speak.  Now, every media outlet wants an interview, including Oprah who apparently didn’t get the moral memo.  Until they’re eighteen, I don’t want to hear from them.

Oprah Interview Pick: JK Rowling (Video)

I’m posting Oprah’s interview with JK Rowling, because I think everyone should watch it.  It’s one of Oprah’s best interviews in history, and Rowling doesn’t waste her words.  Everything she says is profound, and she has no trouble sharing her personal life.  She discussed the pain of depression following the failure of her first marriage and subsequent poverty.  She also revealed the difficulty in “becoming a Beatle overnight,” saying that she never predicted this level of success, and there was no one to talk to about the difficult adjustment.    She revealed that she could still write more Harry Potter books, but it’s unlikely, and she cried when she finished the last Harry Potter book.  Whether or not you’re a Harry Potter fan, the interview is worth watching.

Why is Charlie Sheen Invincible in the Press?

There’s a lot of theories floating around on entertainment news shows about why Charlie Sheen seems to get away with his bad behavior.  Many people blame CBS, saying that they would never fire Sheen for bad conduct because the television business is all about ratings, and Two and a Half Men is still a big hit on the network.  Though I’d take just about any opportunity to bash network suits, I’m going to make an exception this time around.  Charlie Sheen is still likable because he owns up to his behavior.  He was recently caught doing drugs with a hooker in a hotel room, which didn’t come as a surprise since everyone already knows Charlie Sheen does drugs and sleeps with hookers.  He’s never tried to snow the public by presenting himself as an upstanding, moral family-man.  Look at Oprah, for example.  She’s practically Jesus, and she’s openly admitted to drug use and having sex with a married man.  Mel Gibson and Tiger Woods are unforgiven because they tried to dupe the public into believing they were flawless.  If Tiger presented himself as a womanizer from the very beginning of his golf career, I think he would have ended up just as popular as he ultimately became.  So what’s the moral of the story?  You’re free to snort cocaine off a hooker’s stomach — just own up to it.