Lance Armstrong to Admit Doping? — DON’T DO IT

20121017-100734.jpgI know women who have been cheated on, and despite the plethora of clues against their significant other, they always believe the lie. Why? Because no matter how damning the evidence, denial will always produce doubt. And before you dismiss my tangent as irrelevant, I’m about to explain. Rumors are circulating that Lance Armstrong will admit to Oprah that he doped. Though I can’t wait to see it, the rational side of my brain thinks it’s a bad idea. Let the man vanish into eternity with a tarnished record, and let the public’s seed of doubt remain. Without it, he’s a liar. And not just any liar. He’s the worst kind there is — the adamant, witch-hunt-screaming liar. I feel duped, disappointed, and outraged. I believed him. Had he just sat quietly while the accusations mounted instead of fighting so hard, perhaps the upcoming revelation would be easier to process. But the man actually sued people. So Lance, if you’re listening, don’t confess. Doubt is the most powerful weapon you can use to continue this charade.