David Arquette’s Has On-Air, Howard Stern Meltdown

For years I was under the impression that David Arquette needed to be set free from the clutches of Courtney Cox, but judging by his post-divorce behavior, perhaps that prison was necessary. While he’s a welcome Howard Stern guest, his recent antics are troubling. The issues began when Stern insisted it might be too soon for Arquette to remarry and Arquette took offense. The concern culminated when Stern saw Cox in Los Angeles at Jimmy Kimmel’s house instead of calling Arquette. Marriage is theoretically supposed to be a happy experience. If the man can’t even feign happiness during the first few weeks, then he has far bigger issues than Howard Stern’s disloyalty. And furthermore has Howard Stern learned nothing from Artie Lange? This is slowly moving from wack-pack to nervous breakdown.

David Arquette Admits Relapse to Howard Stern

David ArquetteWell, this is just sad. As I type this, I’m fully aware that David Arquette is against me typing this. He’s consistently accused internet bloggers of cruelty, claiming they twist the truth and get the facts wrong. During his interview with Howard Stern, he claimed “everybody’s getting along,” and both Courtney Cox and his current girlfriend, Christina McLarty, support him. The sad truth; however, is that David Arquette relapsed, and the “cruelty” he refers to is really just disguised concern. It’s clear he hasn’t yet surrendered to his addiction, telling Howard Stern that his sobriety makes him “not true to himself.” Here’s hoping he gets his addiction under control before it’s too late.

Courtney Cox on Howard Stern — Still in Love With David Arquette

Courtney Cox is a crazy bag of nuts. She appeared on Howard Stern today to promote Cougar Town, and Stern predictably asked her questions about David Arquette. It was immediately clear that she’s still in love with him, and she’s jealous of Arquette’s new relationship. Need I go further? Can’t these two just work it out? It’s ridiculous. She’s just trading him in for a new man with a new set of problems.


Heidi Klum and Seal to Divorce? — Noooo!

Photo Courtesy of Heidi Klum

If it’s true that Heidi Klum and Seal are divorcing, then I think it’s safe to say that I should no longer have favorite-celebrity-couples, because this marks my fourth favorite that is breaking up. The others are listed below. Such a shame. So much for renewing your vows every year.

  • David Arquette & Courtney Cox
  • Heather Locklear & Richie Sambora
  • Carmen Electra & Dave Navarro

Howard Stern’s Celebrity Superfans Hate Him

If you’re a Howard Stern fan, then you know that Stern consistently complains about his brutal fans who often bog-down his message board with critical comments. According to Stern, he’s stopped reading the comments altogether because of the emotional abuse. So when I heard about Stern’s ‘Celebrity Superfan Roundtable’ I thought: “what a great idea. Get a bunch of your famous friends in a room and listen to them massage your ego.” There’s just one problem. Stern’s celebrity fans are just as bad as his regular fans. I listened to the audio below to discover Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks tearing apart Howard’s new, 3-day-per-week format. Though I agree that I want more of Howard, Maines was merciless, saying that his content has become to “crammed-in.” She also suggested that he eliminate his other channel altogether. And let’s not forget about Survivor’s Jeff Probst who argued that people might forget about Stern given his limited shows on the air. At one point, Probst asked the dumbest question in history, when he said, “How important is Howard to the Howard Stern show?” Seriously, Probst? Can Howard Stern please verbally accost his “superfans” the next time he’s on the air?

David Arquette Gives a Howard Stern Shout-Out on DWTS

If you watched David Arquette’s jive last night on Dancing With The Stars, you might have noticed him say a strange word during his post dance discussion with Brooke Burke. So what is “Baba Booey”? For all the non Howard Stern fans out there, “Baba Booey” is the nickname of Howard Stern’s producer, Gary Deli’Abate, and random Stern fans everywhere often shout out this nickname on national television as a tribute to their radio hero. The best part of Arquette’s shout-out is that Tom Bergeron is also a huge Howard Stern fan, and he quickly followed Arquette’s cue by also saying the nickname. I suppose Arquette took Howard Stern’s recent advice to be “more himself.” Watch the 6:30 mark in the video below to see his tribute.

David Arquette on David Letterman — Discusses Dancing With the Stars

When you work in Hollywood, you’ll find that most of the people in the business are either gigantically douchey or extremely nice. There is no in between. I’m happy to report that David Arquette is the latter. I met him at a Hollywood shin-dig, and as a massive Howard Stern fan, I could not resist approaching him to compliment his Stern appearances. Arquette was incredibly gracious and down-to-earth, so it makes me happy that he’ll be on Dancing With the Stars this season. Though I think he’s a little too famous for the show, insiders tell me that the stars make a considerable amount of money per episode, and with over 20 million viewers each week, it’s probably a smart career decision for Arquette. Plus, who could argue with good PR on a family show? Watch him discuss the contestants with Letterman.

Courtney Cox Appears on Howard Stern — I Officially Love Her

For months, David Arquette has insisted to Howard Stern that Courtney Cox loves him, and she would appear on his show if not for her team of people advising her against it. Today marks the official day that Courtney Cox pushed her team aside to appear on the greatest show in the history of entertainment. She surprised Howard Stern to finally discuss her side of their marriage ending, and there were some great revelations. Stern asked Courtney why she rejected David’s sexual advances at Disney World, and Courtney said it “just wasn’t the appropriate time” and she “didn’t want to confuse the issue.” She also said that part of the problem in their relationship was that David could never emotionally console her without “getting a boner.” David accused her of “just being over him” and then said, “it’s time to move on.” Courtney replied with, “wow, that’s heavy.” She also said that even though he wants her back he seems happier now that he’s single. Stern didn’t seem to help the situation, insisting to Arquette that it’s “over and Courtney doesn’t want [him] anymore.” My favorite part of the interview was when Stern asked Courtney if it would freak her out if David dated Jennifer Aniston and she said, “yes, that would freak me out.” Stern then told David, “you gotta do it.” Overall, I’m still not sure if David and Courtney have any chance of reuniting, but I am definitely sure that I love Courtney Cox. Any girl who can air their dirty laundry on Howard Stern, is a cool chick. Listen to audio from the interview below.

David Arquette on Oprah — Clears His Image

Let me begin by saying how much I adore David Arquette.  He’s one of my favorite Howard Stern guests in history, and I appreciate his honestly in the press.  Also, I recently talked to him at a party and he was extremely kind and down-to-earth.  For those that know me well, you know that once you win me over, you’re on my favorite-person-list for life.  Arquette interviewed with Oprah to clear up his image after his recent rehab stint.  It was an extremely honest interview, with Arquette disclosing his tumultuous upbringing and the current state of his marriage to Courtney Cox.  Though I understand why Arquette interviewed on Oprah for image cleanup, I certainly hope to see him back on Stern in the near future.  The funny part about this is that Howard Stern constantly insults Oprah on his show, despite Stern’s admittance that he’s watches Oprah daily.  Now if we can only get Howard Stern to appear on Oprah.  That might make my head explode.  Watch a part of Arquette’s Oprah interview below.

Jerry O’Connell Questions David Arquette’s Howard Stern Interview — He Would Know

Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn Renew Wedding VowsIf anyone knows what it’s like to put their foot in their mouth during a Howard Stern interview, it’s Jerry O’Connell. O’Connell said that Arquette’s Stern interview was a “bad idea,” which is likely because O’Connell always reveals too much about his relationship with Rebecca Romijn while he appears on Stern. He once said that Rebecca actually punched him in the face for lying to her about playing golf. Romijn was so upset about his disclosure that O’Connell took a brief Howard Stern hiatus, saying the show “gets him in too much trouble.” In fact, if you hear his interviews on Stern, you would think that Rebecca Romijn was the most annoying wife in history.  Stern takes  a particular interest in the O’Connell/Romijn relationship because Stern is close friends with John Stamos, who often told Stern how horrible it was to be married to Rebecca.  Too confusing?