Courtney Cox Appears on Howard Stern — I Officially Love Her

For months, David Arquette has insisted to Howard Stern that Courtney Cox loves him, and she would appear on his show if not for her team of people advising her against it. Today marks the official day that Courtney Cox pushed her team aside to appear on the greatest show in the history of entertainment. She surprised Howard Stern to finally discuss her side of their marriage ending, and there were some great revelations. Stern asked Courtney why she rejected David’s sexual advances at Disney World, and Courtney said it “just wasn’t the appropriate time” and she “didn’t want to confuse the issue.” She also said that part of the problem in their relationship was that David could never emotionally console her without “getting a boner.” David accused her of “just being over him” and then said, “it’s time to move on.” Courtney replied with, “wow, that’s heavy.” She also said that even though he wants her back he seems happier now that he’s single. Stern didn’t seem to help the situation, insisting to Arquette that it’s “over and Courtney doesn’t want [him] anymore.” My favorite part of the interview was when Stern asked Courtney if it would freak her out if David dated Jennifer Aniston and she said, “yes, that would freak me out.” Stern then told David, “you gotta do it.” Overall, I’m still not sure if David and Courtney have any chance of reuniting, but I am definitely sure that I love Courtney Cox. Any girl who can air their dirty laundry on Howard Stern, is a cool chick. Listen to audio from the interview below.

3 thoughts on “Courtney Cox Appears on Howard Stern — I Officially Love Her”

  1. This post made me realize that I too love her. While I was not the biggest Friends fan (don’t get me wrong I have probably seen most episodes twice and all), but this chick really seems like she as her act together. She was cool in the Springsteen video and in Masters of the Universe with Dolph Lundgren, and she has not let me down since.

  2. So, the one day I miss the Howard Stern show, he has Courtney Cock on!
    For the last 6 days I have been pissed that I missed that interview. Thank Satan for this website! Otherwise I’d have been pissed for even longer.

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