Karina Smirnoff Poses Naked for Playboy — What’s the Point?

I’m a huge fan of Playboy. I grew up in a house with Playboy magazines on the coffee table, and I read it for the articles (no, I’m not kidding). That being said, I have absolutely no idea why Karina Smirnoff would pose for the magazine. She’s already famous from Dancing With the Stars, and this will do nothing to elevate her career. Did she get paid a huge sum of cash? And please don’t tell me she wants to celebrate nudity — because it will pain me to respond. When you’re navigating your career in the business, every choice you make must be strategic. You cannot shoot from the hip, which seems to be happening here. Playboy is a vehicle for hot chicks that are struggling to get noticed, not for people already famous. Yes, Marilyn Monroe did it — but that was a different time. These shoots don’t get the same attention they used to.

2 thoughts on “Karina Smirnoff Poses Naked for Playboy — What’s the Point?”

  1. I remember the first time I came to stay at your house, It was the summer of ’93. I was 13 and it was my first time in the United States.

    I went to a Dolphin’s game, got my first meatball sub and failed at my first attempt to water ski in the Florida Keys.

    But the single greatest memory of that trip was discovering that on the coffee table in the den beside the kitchen, clear as day for all to see was your epic father’s copy of Playboy magazine.

    My heart raced with excitement every single time I passed that coffee table, looking around myself shiftily hoping no one was around as I’d flick through the pages as quickly as possible so as not to be seen by our parents.

    As a boy growing up in a pre-internet world, there are few greater moments in life than those when you got to unexpectedly see boobs.

    Here’s the issue:


    1. Sam this might be the funniest story in history. I never even thought it
      was a big deal to have Playboy magazines freely laying around the house,
      until one day we had a friend in one of the issues. I went to show this
      girl’s boyfriend the picture, saying, “hey look — that’s our friend!” She
      quickly snatched it out of my hand and screamed at me for trying to show her
      boyfriend naked pictures. “Lighten up!,” I said at the time — and never
      invited her over again. Perhaps I’m the weird one though. There’s no

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