Jerry O’Connell Spoofs Shia LaBeouf — #IAMFAMOUSTOO

JERRY OCONNELLJerry O’Connell’s unique sense of humor has long been Hollywood’s hidden secret. In fact, I didn’t fully notice until his frequent Howard Stern appearances, where the very funny man had free reign to shine. O’Connell’s most recent brilliance comes in the form of Funny or Die, which will film his new art exhibit called, #IAMSORRYTOO. The exhibit sits beside Shia LaBeouf’s competing endeavor, called, #IAMSORRY, which entails LaBeouf’s woeful attempt at an apology to Daniel Clowes, whose work he plagiarized. LaBeouf sits inside an empty room with a paper bag over his head that reads, “I am not famous.” He also has a table of items, which seem to represent different aspects of his “career,” including a Transformers toy. As for O’Connell, his paper bag says “Super Famous,” and one of his items is a DVD of Stand By Me. When asked about LaBeouf’s possible response, O’Connell said, “The only thing we’re fearing is that Shia, who I don’t know personally, is known to fly off the handle. I just need fair warning if he comes storming in here for a bagged man on bagged man fight because I can’t see out of this paper bag . . . I just need warning to take cover.”

Howard Stern’s Precious Bianca Dies — It’s a Sad Day

Photo Courtesy of Beth Stern
If you’re a Howard Stern fan, then you know how much he loved his beautiful bull dog Bianca. He got the dog with his wife, and her full name was Bianca Romijn-Stamos-O’Connell-Ostrosky-Stern. Stern and his wife originally named her after their good friends, Rebecca Romijn and John Stamos, and after Romijn and Stamos divorced, the Sterns changed her last name to reflect Romijn’s new marriage to Jerry O’Connell. Stern often talked about his love for Bianca on his radio show. Of her recent passing, Stern tweeted, “Tough day today my friends. Thanks to all for all the kind messages. Give your dog a hug for me tonight.”

Best Jerry O’Connell Quotes — A Very Funny Guy

When you think of Jerry O’Connell you might not immediately associate him with comedy. But if you ever hear his Howard Stern appearances, you’d know he’s an extremely funny guy. I’ve decided to compile some of his greatest quotes below. Enjoy!

On his twins learning to talk
“If they see a clock they look at it and say, ‘clock,’ but they mispronounce it. They drop the ‘l’ from it.” I don’t want to react because I don’t want them to know it’s a bad word, but I want to encourage them to talk so I’m like, ‘That’s good!’”

On how he tells his twins apart by their size
“I’d be like, ‘Hey, Big One, get over here!’ Then one night my wife and I were watching a show called ‘Intervention’ . . . It was about two twins and they’re anorexic twins. It’s like one was heavier than the other and then she got an eating disorder and they’d try and out-skinny each other. It was awful. I was like, ‘Never again. I’ll never do it again.’ So now I’m like, ‘You, the possibly a little bit, teeny bit bigger… .”

On calling his pregnant wife “huge” during his Conan O’Brien interview
“I regret calling my wife huge on Conan O’Brien. I meant to say that there are specific areas of my wife that are larger than normal and growing everyday. All other portions of my wife are quite petite. I apologize to her and will be coming home with flowers.”

On the sex of his children (while his wife was pregnant)
“[I’m having] two girls…or two boys with really small genitalia.”

In response to Howard Stern’s questions about when his wife, Rebecca Romijn, punched him in the face for lying to her.
“I would defend myself but I’m afraid of getting punched again. I’m Kidding! I’m kidding, honey.  She’s listening in her car right now and punching the steering wheel.”

Jerry O’Connell Questions David Arquette’s Howard Stern Interview — He Would Know

Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn Renew Wedding VowsIf anyone knows what it’s like to put their foot in their mouth during a Howard Stern interview, it’s Jerry O’Connell. O’Connell said that Arquette’s Stern interview was a “bad idea,” which is likely because O’Connell always reveals too much about his relationship with Rebecca Romijn while he appears on Stern. He once said that Rebecca actually punched him in the face for lying to her about playing golf. Romijn was so upset about his disclosure that O’Connell took a brief Howard Stern hiatus, saying the show “gets him in too much trouble.” In fact, if you hear his interviews on Stern, you would think that Rebecca Romijn was the most annoying wife in history.  Stern takes  a particular interest in the O’Connell/Romijn relationship because Stern is close friends with John Stamos, who often told Stern how horrible it was to be married to Rebecca.  Too confusing?