Full House Reboot Headed to Netflix

Full House returns with a 13-episode reunion, following a now adult DJ Tanner, her bestie Kimmy, and her sister Stephanie, as they move in with her to help her raise her teenage daughter. Fan favorites will hopefully guest-star on the show, assuming Netflix makes the right offer and they accept. As of now, the deals are up in the air. Watch John Stamos tell Jimmy Kimmel about the exciting new reboot.

Jesse & The Rippers Reunite — Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Full House’

For Full House fans, this treat tops just about anything. John Stamos reunited with his television band, Jesse & The Rippers, for a throwback on Fallon. He even got Bob Saget to show up, along with his on-screen wife (and off screen love interest?), Lori Loughlin, for a full-on performance. Plus, there’s a mullet involved. Watch below.

Uncle Jesse on Becky: “She’s the One that Got Away”

Fans everywhere breathed a gigantic gasp when John Stamos revealed his off-camera romantic relationship with Lori Loughlin . Had they played their cards right, Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky could have had a real-life full house . . . together! In fact, Stamos even admitted that his faux wife could be “the one that got away.” Interestingly enough, Lori seems to have aged backwards, if that’s possible. Watch the clip below.

Howard Stern’s Precious Bianca Dies — It’s a Sad Day

Photo Courtesy of Beth Stern
If you’re a Howard Stern fan, then you know how much he loved his beautiful bull dog Bianca. He got the dog with his wife, and her full name was Bianca Romijn-Stamos-O’Connell-Ostrosky-Stern. Stern and his wife originally named her after their good friends, Rebecca Romijn and John Stamos, and after Romijn and Stamos divorced, the Sterns changed her last name to reflect Romijn’s new marriage to Jerry O’Connell. Stern often talked about his love for Bianca on his radio show. Of her recent passing, Stern tweeted, “Tough day today my friends. Thanks to all for all the kind messages. Give your dog a hug for me tonight.”

Dear Glee, Where the Fu*K is John Stamos?!

Glee fans everywhere should be up in arms.  We were promised John Stamos, and Ryan Murphy has yet to deliver.  So where is he, and why is his character always mentioned yet he never appears?  Stamos made a cameo on this week’s episode, but it was very unsatisfying.  First, I imagine that Stamos is being paid per episode, which means that he was given a full salary for that little thirty second appearance.  It baffles me that Murphy would waste a Stamos episode on such a small appearance.  Let me break this down for everyone so my point is clear.  A show only has a certain budget for guest talent, and it’s possible that Stamos is only being paid to appear on 5 episodes.  As a way to keep his character in the show for a long period of time for a limited cost, the characters keep discussing him, yet he never appears.  Translation? — it’s a cheap ploy to keep Stamos around as long as possible.  Literally — cheap.  So when he finally showed up for an episode, I was devastated to discover that his salary was blown on such a short appearance.  At least make him sing and dance if you’re gonna pay him.

Jerry O’Connell Questions David Arquette’s Howard Stern Interview — He Would Know

Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn Renew Wedding VowsIf anyone knows what it’s like to put their foot in their mouth during a Howard Stern interview, it’s Jerry O’Connell. O’Connell said that Arquette’s Stern interview was a “bad idea,” which is likely because O’Connell always reveals too much about his relationship with Rebecca Romijn while he appears on Stern. He once said that Rebecca actually punched him in the face for lying to her about playing golf. Romijn was so upset about his disclosure that O’Connell took a brief Howard Stern hiatus, saying the show “gets him in too much trouble.” In fact, if you hear his interviews on Stern, you would think that Rebecca Romijn was the most annoying wife in history.  Stern takes  a particular interest in the O’Connell/Romijn relationship because Stern is close friends with John Stamos, who often told Stern how horrible it was to be married to Rebecca.  Too confusing?

Jimmy Kimmel Throws Howard Stern an A-List Party – Hilarity Ensues

Howard Stern spent the weekend in Los Angeles while promoting his wife’s book (‘Oh My Dog’), and Jimmy Kimmel decided to throw him a welcome party.  Kimmel appeared on Stern today to discuss the party, and it was some of Stern’s most hilarious radio yet.  My favorite detail involved an argument between John Stamos and Mark McGrath, where Stamos got angry with “musician” McGrath for his inability to play any songs for their shitty house band ensemble.  Stern insists that Stamos’ anger was unfounded, because at least everyone could play the song ‘Louie Louie’.  Stamos also gave both Kimmel and Stern shit for not inviting Don Rickles, who was peeved at both Kimmel and Stern for the oversight.  Oh yeah – Jeff Probst left in a tizzy because of Stern’s inappropriate attempt to interview him about his new girlfriend at the party.  Other celebrity guests included: Ben Stiller; Christine Taylor; Natalie Maines; Ryan Phillipe; Will Arnett; Amy Poehler; Christa Miller; Bill Lawrence; Bob Iger; Ashton Kutcher; and Demi Moore.  I’ve got to become friends with Jimmy Kimmel in time for the next Howard Stern party.  Knowing Stern though, he probably won’t return to Los Angeles for another 15 years.  Watch Beth Stern promote her book on Kimmel below.