Dear Glee, Where the Fu*K is John Stamos?!

Glee fans everywhere should be up in arms.  We were promised John Stamos, and Ryan Murphy has yet to deliver.  So where is he, and why is his character always mentioned yet he never appears?  Stamos made a cameo on this week’s episode, but it was very unsatisfying.  First, I imagine that Stamos is being paid per episode, which means that he was given a full salary for that little thirty second appearance.  It baffles me that Murphy would waste a Stamos episode on such a small appearance.  Let me break this down for everyone so my point is clear.  A show only has a certain budget for guest talent, and it’s possible that Stamos is only being paid to appear on 5 episodes.  As a way to keep his character in the show for a long period of time for a limited cost, the characters keep discussing him, yet he never appears.  Translation? — it’s a cheap ploy to keep Stamos around as long as possible.  Literally — cheap.  So when he finally showed up for an episode, I was devastated to discover that his salary was blown on such a short appearance.  At least make him sing and dance if you’re gonna pay him.

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