The Super Bowl Halftime Show — My Thoughts

It would be wildly unfair to compare Coldplay to Beyonce and Bruno Mars. First, Chris Martin is in an actual band and writes his own music (that’s a hit at Beyonce, not Mars, since Mars does in fact co-write his songs). Second, his songs have longstanding impact, and the guy doesn’t dance. Why? Because he doesn’t need to. Anyone who has attended a Coldplay concert is well aware of Martin’s live-performance skills, and in fact — I became a fan only AFTER seeing them live for the first time via my friend’s extra ticket. Having said all that, it’s the Super Bowl, and if you can’t dance, you better call upon people who can. Stay in your lane, and go to others for the glitter. And who better to bring it than Beyonce? Only Queen Bey  can use the Super Bowl as a venue to debut a new song, executing insane choreography, great costumes, and dominating more than just the stage itself. Bruno Mars also deserves accolades, but even the Uptown Funkmaster himself couldn’t hold his own in the Beyonce dance-off, using his turn to simply tilt his head and flutter across the stage with his arms behind his back. Seriously Bruno, you couldn’t push yourself just a tad harder with the choreography? It might not be Chris Martin’s lane, but it’s certainly yours. But Bruno also brought it, and just about anyone would look lesser next to our eternal Single Lady. Watch below to see one of the best halftime shows I’ve seen in some time, and then enjoy some very funny tweets at Chris Martin’s expense. It might be mean spirited, but something tells me Martin can take a good joke.

Madonna Attacks M.I.A’s Middle Finger Gesture — She’s Pissed

When M.I.A gave the audience the finger at the Super Bowl, I was pissed. And apparently, I’m not the only one. Madonna was equally pissed, saying, “I didn’t know about it until I left. I was really surprised. I didn’t know anything about it. “I understand it’s punk rock and everything, but to me there was such a feeling of love and good energy, and positivity. It seemed negative. It’s one of the those things, it’s such a teenager, irrelevant thing to do … what was the point? It was just out of place.” Not only would I be furious about M.I.A.’s desperate need to garner controversy, I’d also be pissed that she stole the spotlight. News articles everywhere were more interested in the ramifications of M.I.A’s action than Madonna herself. So here’s my message to M.I.A — When an icon such as Madonna invites you to her party, you better behave.

Christina Aguilera Discusses Super Bowl Flub . . . Again

Am I the only person on the planet that doesn’t think Christina Aguilera’s Super Bowl flub is a big deal? Yes, she forgot the words to an extremely important song on an extremely important day, but judging from the media’s reaction and her subsequent apologies, you’d think she threatened national security. Click the link below to watch her discuss the incident, yet again, on Ellen DeGeneres.

Christina Aguilera/Ellen DeGeneres


Cameron Diaz Feeds A-Rod Popcorn — Who the Fu*K Cares?

This story is still circulating, and it’s too ridiculous to avoid.  There’s a picture of Cameron Diaz feeding Alex Rodriquez popcorn at the Super Bowl, and it’s apparently newsworthy.  I guess that if these news outlets were uncensored, the titles would actually read, “Alex Rodriguez is a pus*y,” but it’s instead more like “Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez pack on the PDA.”  I simply don’t care either way.  To be fair though, I can admit that I have never in my entire life fed a boyfriend food.  I prefer a masculine man, and any semblance of femininity is a massive turn-off.  I suppose that’s also why I don’t want a man that likes to prance around in women’s underwear.

Super Bowl Halftime Show — I Loved It

I confess that I am not one of the 111 million people who watched the super bowl. I hate football, and despite my father’s accusatory verbal tirades about “not trying,” I just don’t understand the game. But yesterday, in the midst of talking to my guy friend about very inappropriate topics, he said, “the Super Bowl halftime show was horrible. You would have loved it.” I laughed so hard that I decided to catch it — and he’s right. I loved it. Put a bunch of people in glow-in-the-dark unitards, and you’ve got me hooked.