Steven Tyler Struggles With the National Anthem — Is the Delay to Blame?

I don’t know much about singing (except for when I’m in the shower, of course). But I fortunately hang out with a group of musicians that answer all of my annoying music-related questions. So when Steven Tyler received a substantial amount of criticism for butchering the national anthem, I immediately asked my posse why it’s so hard to sing. They explained that there’s a delay in the stadium so the singer can’t properly hear themselves. And there you have it. Can we back off Steven Tyler now? He’s only one of the best front-mans in the history of music. Listen below.

Christina Aguilera Discusses Super Bowl Flub . . . Again

Am I the only person on the planet that doesn’t think Christina Aguilera’s Super Bowl flub is a big deal? Yes, she forgot the words to an extremely important song on an extremely important day, but judging from the media’s reaction and her subsequent apologies, you’d think she threatened national security. Click the link below to watch her discuss the incident, yet again, on Ellen DeGeneres.

Christina Aguilera/Ellen DeGeneres