Cameron Diaz Feeds A-Rod Popcorn — Who the Fu*K Cares?

This story is still circulating, and it’s too ridiculous to avoid.  There’s a picture of Cameron Diaz feeding Alex Rodriquez popcorn at the Super Bowl, and it’s apparently newsworthy.  I guess that if these news outlets were uncensored, the titles would actually read, “Alex Rodriguez is a pus*y,” but it’s instead more like “Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez pack on the PDA.”  I simply don’t care either way.  To be fair though, I can admit that I have never in my entire life fed a boyfriend food.  I prefer a masculine man, and any semblance of femininity is a massive turn-off.  I suppose that’s also why I don’t want a man that likes to prance around in women’s underwear.

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