Full House Reboot Headed to Netflix

Full House returns with a 13-episode reunion, following a now adult DJ Tanner, her bestie Kimmy, and her sister Stephanie, as they move in with her to help her raise her teenage daughter. Fan favorites will hopefully guest-star on the show, assuming Netflix makes the right offer and they accept. As of now, the deals are up in the air. Watch John Stamos tell Jimmy Kimmel about the exciting new reboot.

Dave Coulier Confirms Alanis’ ‘You Oughta Know’ is About Him

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and Alanis Morissette’s ‘You Oughta Know,’ is a national anthem. For years it’s been speculated that Dave Coulier was the inspiration, but it’s never been confirmed — until now. Listen to Dave Coulier discuss his reaction to the lyrics.

Jesse & The Rippers Reunite — Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Full House’

For Full House fans, this treat tops just about anything. John Stamos reunited with his television band, Jesse & The Rippers, for a throwback on Fallon. He even got Bob Saget to show up, along with his on-screen wife (and off screen love interest?), Lori Loughlin, for a full-on performance. Plus, there’s a mullet involved. Watch below.

Uncle Jesse on Becky: “She’s the One that Got Away”

Fans everywhere breathed a gigantic gasp when John Stamos revealed his off-camera romantic relationship with Lori Loughlin . Had they played their cards right, Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky could have had a real-life full house . . . together! In fact, Stamos even admitted that his faux wife could be “the one that got away.” Interestingly enough, Lori seems to have aged backwards, if that’s possible. Watch the clip below.