David Arquette on David Letterman — Discusses Dancing With the Stars

When you work in Hollywood, you’ll find that most of the people in the business are either gigantically douchey or extremely nice. There is no in between. I’m happy to report that David Arquette is the latter. I met him at a Hollywood shin-dig, and as a massive Howard Stern fan, I could not resist approaching him to compliment his Stern appearances. Arquette was incredibly gracious and down-to-earth, so it makes me happy that he’ll be on Dancing With the Stars this season. Though I think he’s a little too famous for the show, insiders tell me that the stars make a considerable amount of money per episode, and with over 20 million viewers each week, it’s probably a smart career decision for Arquette. Plus, who could argue with good PR on a family show? Watch him discuss the contestants with Letterman.

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