Quote of the Day — Seal v. Heidi Klum: “She Cheated With the Help”

“To be quite honest, if there is going to be somebody else in their lives, I’d much rather it was a familiar face. I guess the only thing I would have preferred is that. . . I guess I didn’t expect any better from him, I would have preferred Heidi show a little bit more class and at least wait until we separated first before deciding to fornicate with the help, as it were . . . . But I guess you now all have the answer that you’ve been looking for for the past seven months.” Seal, on the rumors that Heidi Klum is currently dating her bodyguard coupled with the shocking confession that she cheated.

Quote of the Day: Heidi Klum’s Gay Friends’ Sexual Advice

“They are like this kaleidoscope of interesting thoughts and opinions. They teach you so many things about men that are useful.” “Like what?” our reporter asked. Klum paused, and then made the universal tounge-moving-rapidly-in-cheek motion that signifies blowies. She explained what she’s learned (off the record, of course), and our reporter said she discovered two things: 1) Everything sounds authoritative when said in a German accent, and 2) Seal was a lucky guy.” An excerpt of Heidi Klum’s interview with Allure Magazine, which confirmed the need for homosexuals in her life. As an aside, I too have a lot of gay friends, but unfortunately our conversations involved their unfulfilling sexual experiences with women, and it traumatized me for life.

Seal Tells Piers Morgan About Heidi Klum Reconciliation — Possible but not Probable

The most painful kind of breakup is the one that occurs when you’re still in love but can’t make it work. And judging by Seal’s conversation with Piers Morgan, he’s going through that very thing.  I’m impressed by his ability to discuss the situation without losing his cool. He’s certainly one of the classiest celebrities I’ve seen. Watch below.

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Seal Talks Heidi Klum Divorce With Tavis Smiley

I’ve met Seal. I’m not saying that to brag, I’m saying it to justify that I know he’s an extremely nice guy. So it’s no surprise that he’d handle the Heidi Klum divorce questions with a tremendous amount of grace. As an aside, why can’t these two work it out? They seemed so in love! Watch below.

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Heidi Klum and Seal to Divorce? — Noooo!

Photo Courtesy of Heidi Klum

If it’s true that Heidi Klum and Seal are divorcing, then I think it’s safe to say that I should no longer have favorite-celebrity-couples, because this marks my fourth favorite that is breaking up. The others are listed below. Such a shame. So much for renewing your vows every year.

  • David Arquette & Courtney Cox
  • Heather Locklear & Richie Sambora
  • Carmen Electra & Dave Navarro

Heidi Klum’s Halloween Costumes

I must confess that I really like Heidi Klum. She’s completely ridiculous on Project Runway with her faux-serious statements, such as, “one day you’re in, and one day you’re out,” but every so often you’ll catch her real personality, and she’s very funny. During a Project Runway reunion, Heidi once turned to Tim Gunn after a designer barely answered her question, and she said, “she’s a little weird, no?”  She also turned to the judges during one of their deliberations and couldn’t resist gossiping about a designer, saying, “why does she always look so angry on the runway?” She followed that up with a very funny imitation of the designer’s angry-face. So it doesn’t surprise me that Heidi loves to dress up for Halloween, given her sense of humor. I’ve attached some of her costumes below, and the first picture is from this year. Apparently, Seal didn’t want to wear stilts, so he opted for a wider frame instead. Enjoy!