Howard Stern’s Celebrity Superfans Hate Him

If you’re a Howard Stern fan, then you know that Stern consistently complains about his brutal fans who often bog-down his message board with critical comments. According to Stern, he’s stopped reading the comments altogether because of the emotional abuse. So when I heard about Stern’s ‘Celebrity Superfan Roundtable’ I thought: “what a great idea. Get a bunch of your famous friends in a room and listen to them massage your ego.” There’s just one problem. Stern’s celebrity fans are just as bad as his regular fans. I listened to the audio below to discover Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks tearing apart Howard’s new, 3-day-per-week format. Though I agree that I want more of Howard, Maines was merciless, saying that his content has become to “crammed-in.” She also suggested that he eliminate his other channel altogether. And let’s not forget about Survivor’s Jeff Probst who argued that people might forget about Stern given his limited shows on the air. At one point, Probst asked the dumbest question in history, when he said, “How important is Howard to the Howard Stern show?” Seriously, Probst? Can Howard Stern please verbally accost his “superfans” the next time he’s on the air?