David Arquette’s Has On-Air, Howard Stern Meltdown

For years I was under the impression that David Arquette needed to be set free from the clutches of Courtney Cox, but judging by his post-divorce behavior, perhaps that prison was necessary. While he’s a welcome Howard Stern guest, his recent antics are troubling. The issues began when Stern insisted it might be too soon for Arquette to remarry and Arquette took offense. The concern culminated when Stern saw Cox in Los Angeles at Jimmy Kimmel’s house instead of calling Arquette. Marriage is theoretically supposed to be a happy experience. If the man can’t even feign happiness during the first few weeks, then he has far bigger issues than Howard Stern’s disloyalty. And furthermore has Howard Stern learned nothing from Artie Lange? This is slowly moving from wack-pack to nervous breakdown.

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