Michael Jackson’s Hologram Performs at Billboard Music Awards

If I had to describe the Michael Jackson Hologram in three words, I’d call it, mesmerizing, disturbing, and sad. It’s a vivid reminder of his greatness while simultaneously disrespecting a dead man who would have likely rejected such an idea. Jackson was notoriously meticulous about his performances, and I can’t imagine he’d approve. Watch the performance below, and judge for yourself.

Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake Disturbingly Perform ‘Love Never Felt So Good’

Take a moment, put down the crazy juice, and ask yourself whether it’s appropriate to release a dead man’s music with a currently alive person mimicking his moves? To top it off, Timberlake’s moves are so heavily edited that it’s clear he doesn’t hold a candle to Jackson’s choreography, so his presence feels nothing more than gratuitous. Is this an “honor,” or a stale attempt to capitalize on a legend’s empire? Call me a buzzkill, but I’m not on board. Watch the video below. Jackson wrote the song with Paul Anka in 1983, and up until now, it’s been shelved.

Wade Robson: “Michael Jackson Was a Monster”

This news sent shock waves through my system. After years of perpetually defending Michael Jackson and even publicly mourning his death, Wade Robson has accused the late singer of sexual abuse. Robson, a well-known choreographer, was a key witness in the 2005 case against Jackson, testifying under oath that no such foul play happened. He is now suing the estate, claiming that his delayed suit is a result of having repressed his painful memories.

There’s not much to say here other than I have no idea what to believe. At the time of Jackson’s death, Robson publicly mourned, rehashing details of his family’s friendship with the mega-star. There’s no current evidence that Robson is financially strained either. As for Jackson’s estate, they’re calling Robson “outrageous” and “pathetic.”

If you’re unfamiliar with his work, watch the videos below.

Whitney Houston’s Funeral — Should Not Have Been Televised

I am absolutely disgusted by the way the media has treated Whitney Houston’s death, and I’m even more disgusted that the people in her inner circle agreed to televise her funeral. I was equally disturbed when Michael Jackson’s grieving children had to mourn their father’s death while simultaneously speaking in front of the entire world. Have we lost our humanity? Whitney Houston left her daughter behind, and this poor child is being pummeled with media inquiries. I don’t want to hear anything about Bobbi Kristina until Bobbi Kristina is ready to talk. Until then, let the child grieve, and keep the media out of that process. A funeral is for family. If the public wants a part of it they can remember her by listening to her records in the privacy of their home.

Brett Ratner & Michael Jackson Picked on Homeless Man — Ratner Sucks

If you’re a fan of The Dishmaster, then you’re well aware that there are certain celebrities on The-Dishmaster-Sh*tlist. One such celebrity is Brett Ratner, who I personally know is the world’s biggest douchebag. I’d tell you how I know this information — but it would divulge my source — and real journalists know how to keep secrets. But just in case you doubt me, I’ve posted an interview with Brett Ratner on Jimmy Kimmel, where he told a disturbing story about how he and Michael Jackson threw water balloons at a homeless man — because . . . you know . . . that’s such a funny thing to do. Isn’t it great to torment the mentally ill?

External Resource: It will take a large team of people who have received human resources degrees online to get Brett Ratner to work well with other people.

‘Idol’s’ Jacob Lusk Sings ‘Man in the Mirror’ — Indulgent and Ridiculous

I think it’s safe to say that Jacob Lusk should start to pack his bags.  In case you missed his performance on American Idol tonight, I’ll educate you on his major misstep. In the video before his song, Jacob explained why he chose to sing Man in the Mirror, and he said, “if I end up in the bottom three it won’t be because I sang the song bad . . . it will be because everybody in America wasn’t ready to look at themselves in the mirror.”  No — I’m not kidding.  He actually said that.  I’m sure I don’t need to articulate why this is ridiculous, but I’ll do it anyways in case Jacob is reading this.  Jacob will go home tomorrow, not because I didn’t want to look in the mirror (in fact, I do that all the time).  He’ll go home because he butchered a Michael Jackson song.  I’d also like to add that Simon Cowell would never have let Jacob get away with that video. He would have mentioned it during his critique. This show is dead without him. Watch Jacob’s performance below. 

Dear Media, STOP Interviewing Michael Jackson’s Kids

I know there’s an insane interest in what Michael Jackson’s life was like behind closed doors, especially regarding his children.  I also know that it’s very difficult to turn down  an interview that will likely generate ratings.  That being said, there’s still an underlying moral code that should be executed by the media, and there’s a definitive line in the sand when it comes to Michael Jackson’s children.  First, while Jackson was alive, he was adamant about shielding his kinds from the media.  He made his wishes clear, and it wasn’t until his death that we heard any of them even speak.  Now, every media outlet wants an interview, including Oprah who apparently didn’t get the moral memo.  Until they’re eighteen, I don’t want to hear from them.

Oprah Interviews Michael Jackson’s Kids, After a Child Molestation Show

Oprah has been seriously annoying me lately.  She’ll be interviewing Michael Jackson’s children, and the show will air on the Monday following her Friday show about child molestation.  Oprah’s camp insists that the programming decision is merely a coincidence, which is no excuse.  First of all, if your programmer can’t rub two brain cells together and realize that you shouldn’t air a child molestation show before you interview Michael Jackson’s children, then that programmer should be fired.  Second, I find the interview highly inappropriate regardless of the poor programming decision.  These are children, and their father died.  Can you not wait until their 18 years old to interview them?  And lastly, Michael Jackson was so overly protective about his childrens’ privacy, I imagine he’s turning in his grave.