Oprah Interviews Michael Jackson’s Kids, After a Child Molestation Show

Oprah has been seriously annoying me lately.  She’ll be interviewing Michael Jackson’s children, and the show will air on the Monday following her Friday show about child molestation.  Oprah’s camp insists that the programming decision is merely a coincidence, which is no excuse.  First of all, if your programmer can’t rub two brain cells together and realize that you shouldn’t air a child molestation show before you interview Michael Jackson’s children, then that programmer should be fired.  Second, I find the interview highly inappropriate regardless of the poor programming decision.  These are children, and their father died.  Can you not wait until their 18 years old to interview them?  And lastly, Michael Jackson was so overly protective about his childrens’ privacy, I imagine he’s turning in his grave.

One thought on “Oprah Interviews Michael Jackson’s Kids, After a Child Molestation Show”

  1. Is Oprah one of those celebs who claims to be tight with Michael or not so much? I agree that this just sounds unseemly.

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