Should We Legalize Crystal Meth Too? — Nick Swardson Thinks So

When pot-smokers ask me how I feel about the legalization of marijuana, I ask them if we should also legalize heroin.  My response is followed by outrage, and just before I get the pot-smoker lecture on how marijuana makes them more productive, I flee.  Apparently, I’m not the only person that thought of this.  Watch the video below, to see comedian Nick Swardson’s very funny appearance on Chelsea Lately.

3 thoughts on “Should We Legalize Crystal Meth Too? — Nick Swardson Thinks So”

  1. Or conversely, we should outlaw alcohol, tobacco and all caffeinated products. The first two cost society in terms of money and adverse social consequences. We don’t, because the alternative, proscription, would be childish and carry a much greater cost to society. The cost of incarceration in this country is astronomical, far higher than the cost of any treatment program. Its so high that scumbag drug warriors consistently lie about the cost and manipulate incarceration stats to make it seem like fewer nonviolent users are behind bars.

    Marijuana should be legal, regulated or not because it’s silly and irrational to keep it illegal. For that matter, so should powder cocaine and heroin. The social and monetary costs associated with keeping them illegal are simply higher than the costs of treatment (for those who need it). If you think crystal meth is some mysterious demon street drug, consider this: Ritalin, mini-T’s and epilepsy drugs are all also amphetamines that are prescribed for perfectly legitimate problems AND abused.

    Why won’t most people turn to drug abuse if its legal? For the same reason you won’t: because its stupid.

    1. Listen — It’s bad enough that I have to sit next to cigarette smokers that
      poison my lungs at Starbucks — but now they’re gonna be smoking pot too!?
      At least your consistent though. Most pot smokers object when I suggest
      legalizing heroin.

  2. I am tempted to agree with Joe (except for the fact that I have no idea what a mini-T is). And he didn’t even mention the cost of policing and prosecuting the drug offenses. We should consider legalizing it all – and selling it at walmart next to the guns and glade refills.

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