Colton Dixon Sings “Everything” — Awesome

I started watching this season of American Idol very late in the game, and it became immediately clear that Colton Dixon and Phillip Phillips are the front-runners. On tonight’s show, Colton Sang “Everything” by Lifehouse — and he was incredible. It’s also worth pointing out that Randy Jackson gave his first valuable comment since the show began, saying, “One of the most important things an artist can have is believability.” He’s right. It doesn’t matter what note you can hit, it matters if you’re authentic. And Colton Dixon is authentic.

Colton Dixon – Everything – American Idol 2012… by IdolxMuzic

American Idol Debacle — Contestants Pass-Out, Faint Constantly

Either American Idol is depriving their contestants of oxygen, or the producers have a knack for choosing very dramatic people. Can someone please explain why every contestant seems mentally unstable? If you can’t hold it together during this phase of the competition, how exactly do you plan to be a star? One contestant actually left the rehearsal to call his mother from a hotel, and the conversation included at least fifty “I love yous.” Perhaps the contestants aren’t eating? Maybe the room is excessively hot? But if that’s true, then why do the judges look perfectly healthy? And did I mention that Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, and Randy Jackson have the worst taste in the history of the show? These singers are horrific.

Haley Reinhart Butchers Alanis Morissette​’s ‘You Outta Know’

Before I launch into my tirade about Haley Reinhart’s abysmal performance of Alanis Morissette’s ‘You Outta Know,’ I’d like to profess that I blame this entirely on the judges, who picked the song. Haley has an extremely sweet persona, and she simply cannot pull-off the angry chick thing. I might be biased, though. I confess that I’ve personally sung this song in my car approximately 5,000 times, and I scream especially loud when I hear the lyric, “and every time I scratch my nails down someone else’s back I hope you feel it.” Perhaps Haley is a little too young to fully understand what it means to ask a man if he’s thinking of her when he “fu*ks” another chick. Give it a few years and a few terrible guys, and then ask her to perform the song. As for the horrific judges, as expected, they said nothing negative. How many days until Simon Cowell is on the air again? Watch below.
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Randy Jackson Calls ‘The Voice’ Gimmicky — Gives Very Funny Quote

I just came across this quote from Randy Jackson about ‘The Voice,’ and I have to share it. When asked what he thinks of the new singing show, Jackson called it “gimmicky.” Then he said (and here comes the good part), “Maybe Simon Cowell should have people opening doors. Like, ‘Knock, knock; Who’s singing? I can’t see you!'” Who knew Jackson was such a jokester! I also think the show is gimmicky, but I must admit it’s a guilty pleasure. Besides, I’d rather have a gimmicky show that’s entertaining than the reformed version of American Idol — which sucks.

Pia Toscano Leaves ‘American Idol’ — I Blame the Judges

If I cared about this horrible show anymore, I’d say this is the worst upset in American Idol history. But since I love pointing fingers, I’d like to take this opportunity to point my fingers directly at these terrible judges. If you watched the show last night, you might have noticed that the judges complimented every single person that performed. You know what happens when you don’t insult anyone? America has absolutely no guide — and it becomes a crapshoot. Actually — they did insult someone. They insulted their best singer — which was Pia Toscano, and now Pia Toscano is packing her bags. Specifically, they said she lacked performance quality. Even though that might have been true last night, they also neglected to give every other performer the same criticism (in addition to other, much deserved criticism). You cannot sit back on your throne complimenting terrible singers and expect America to get it right. Believe it or not, Simon Cowell’s criticism affected the votes, and that effect is missing on this season’s show. So good job guys. You have no one to blame but yourself.

‘American Idol’ is Terrible — Judges Say Nothing Negative

American Idol is absolutely unwatchable this season. The judges did not have one negative comment the entire show. How is that possible? Is the entire group going to have a successful music career? Are they already perfect? I’ve never missed Simon Cowell so much. He used to comment on issues outside the performances also, which these judges don’t do. Remember when Simon told Carly Smithson that she “needed to have a talk with the person dressing her at the moment — because she doesn’t look like a star.” Or how about when he told David Cook that his personality seemed “boring.” Is someone planning to tell Pia Toscano that unless she gets more of a personality, she’ll never make it in the business? It’s not just about voice, and even if it were, the judges would still be completely wrong. I’d point out every terrible performer on tonight’s show, but that would just be negative. And here at The Dishmaster I try to be positive.

‘Idol’s’ Jacob Lusk Sings ‘Man in the Mirror’ — Indulgent and Ridiculous

I think it’s safe to say that Jacob Lusk should start to pack his bags.  In case you missed his performance on American Idol tonight, I’ll educate you on his major misstep. In the video before his song, Jacob explained why he chose to sing Man in the Mirror, and he said, “if I end up in the bottom three it won’t be because I sang the song bad . . . it will be because everybody in America wasn’t ready to look at themselves in the mirror.”  No — I’m not kidding.  He actually said that.  I’m sure I don’t need to articulate why this is ridiculous, but I’ll do it anyways in case Jacob is reading this.  Jacob will go home tomorrow, not because I didn’t want to look in the mirror (in fact, I do that all the time).  He’ll go home because he butchered a Michael Jackson song.  I’d also like to add that Simon Cowell would never have let Jacob get away with that video. He would have mentioned it during his critique. This show is dead without him. Watch Jacob’s performance below. 

‘Idol’s’ Paul McDonald — The Best of the Night — Judges are Nuts

I just got around to watching last night’s American Idol and, true to form, I became enraged.  I disagreed with the judges on every single performance.  Because I try to be a positive Dishmaster (no — I’m not kidding), I will only point out who I liked that judges did not, instead of listing every single singer that the judges like, who I thought were God awful.  During the judges’ critique of Paul McDonald they insulted his suit (which I liked) and they told him he needed to “go further” with his voice (which is ridiculous).   Not every contestant on American Idol needs to engage in vocal gymnastics to be impressive.  I might stop watching this show altogether, for fear of destroying my television.  Watch Paul McDonald sing Elton John’s Rocket Man below.  He was my favorite of the night, with Casey Abrams coming in a close second.  I keep my mouth shut on the rest.

American Idol Judges Save Casey Abrams — He Gets to Go on Tour

When the judges saved Casey Abrams tonight on American Idol, the real importance is not that he gets to stay in the competition, it’s that he gets to go on tour. Usually only the top ten Idol contestants tour the country, but because the judges saved Casey Abrams, all 11 of the current contestants are included in the tour. So why is this such a big deal? Because Casey Abrams just got guaranteed some serious cash. Idol contestants make a six-figure salary up front, plus an additional percentage of the ticket sales. That’s a lot of money, and judging from Casey Abrams reaction tonight, he’s certainly appreciative. At one point I thought he might pass out, leaving Ryan Seacrest to hold him up — or topple over. Watch the video below to see his reaction.