American Idol Judges Save Casey Abrams — He Gets to Go on Tour

When the judges saved Casey Abrams tonight on American Idol, the real importance is not that he gets to stay in the competition, it’s that he gets to go on tour. Usually only the top ten Idol contestants tour the country, but because the judges saved Casey Abrams, all 11 of the current contestants are included in the tour. So why is this such a big deal? Because Casey Abrams just got guaranteed some serious cash. Idol contestants make a six-figure salary up front, plus an additional percentage of the ticket sales. That’s a lot of money, and judging from Casey Abrams reaction tonight, he’s certainly appreciative. At one point I thought he might pass out, leaving Ryan Seacrest to hold him up — or topple over. Watch the video below to see his reaction.

2 thoughts on “American Idol Judges Save Casey Abrams — He Gets to Go on Tour”

    1. I highly doubt it was staged. First, Casey Abrams isn’t that good of actor
      to pull it off. The only element that could be staged is whether the judges
      knew in advance he’d be eliminated and had already planned to execute the
      save. That I’d believe.

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