‘American Idol’ is Terrible — Judges Say Nothing Negative

American Idol is absolutely unwatchable this season. The judges did not have one negative comment the entire show. How is that possible? Is the entire group going to have a successful music career? Are they already perfect? I’ve never missed Simon Cowell so much. He used to comment on issues outside the performances also, which these judges don’t do. Remember when Simon told Carly Smithson that she “needed to have a talk with the person dressing her at the moment — because she doesn’t look like a star.” Or how about when he told David Cook that his personality seemed “boring.” Is someone planning to tell Pia Toscano that unless she gets more of a personality, she’ll never make it in the business? It’s not just about voice, and even if it were, the judges would still be completely wrong. I’d point out every terrible performer on tonight’s show, but that would just be negative. And here at The Dishmaster I try to be positive.

10 thoughts on “‘American Idol’ is Terrible — Judges Say Nothing Negative”

    1. You really start to appreciate Simon in moments like this. I feel like the
      captain of the ship is gone, and these three people are trying to paddle
      without oars. Tip the boat! Put them out of their misery.

  1. Totally agree. I am disgusted and after last night will no longer be watching this season. BORING INEFFECTUAL JUDGES.

    1. Did you notice how Jennifer Lopez said, “they want us to say something
      negative, but we can’t, you’re just so good.” It’s ludicrous. Even if
      their singing voices are good that doesn’t mean they are ready for the
      industry. What about their personalities, or the way they dress, or their
      use of the stage?

  2. I have never seen such sorry judges in my life, they are supposed to be able to identify talent, its no wonder the music industry going to shit, if randys producing is anything like his judgeing then he needs to get out of the buisiness. they all suck there horrible judges. They kiss each others ass way too much. I honestly hate the judges they are that bad!!!!! and if fox wants to have a great season next year, FIRE THE JUDGES ASAP.

  3. get rid of that fugly long haired old freak, and bring in someone classy to replace simon.  Get someone people are interested in, like maybe Britney.  (notice how paula always seemed drunk.) People are interested in the judges that are controversial.  Jennifer Lopaz is way too straight.  Randy is ok, but, he’s not as fun as he used to be. Has hollywood gone to his head?

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