Haley Reinhart Butchers Alanis Morissette​’s ‘You Outta Know’

Before I launch into my tirade about Haley Reinhart’s abysmal performance of Alanis Morissette’s ‘You Outta Know,’ I’d like to profess that I blame this entirely on the judges, who picked the song. Haley has an extremely sweet persona, and she simply cannot pull-off the angry chick thing. I might be biased, though. I confess that I’ve personally sung this song in my car approximately 5,000 times, and I scream especially loud when I hear the lyric, “and every time I scratch my nails down someone else’s back I hope you feel it.” Perhaps Haley is a little too young to fully understand what it means to ask a man if he’s thinking of her when he “fu*ks” another chick. Give it a few years and a few terrible guys, and then ask her to perform the song. As for the horrific judges, as expected, they said nothing negative. How many days until Simon Cowell is on the air again? Watch below.
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Jennifer Lopez Hates Haley Reinhart’s ‘Earth Song’ — Is Chris Judd to Blame?

I received a call from a friend tonight who keenly smelled a rat after watching Jennifer Lopez attack Haley Reinhart’s rendition of Michael Jackson’s ‘Earth Song.’ Lopez said that even though the song was “inspiring,” she needs to think about the competition itself when she performs, followed by a condescending use of the word “baby.” Since Jennifer Lopez consistently avoids criticizing the contestants, her comments were suspicious. As it turns out, Lopez’s first husband, Chris Judd, is directly connected to Haley’s song. In 1997, Judd performed the song with Michael Jackson during Jackson’s German tour. So did Lopez project her bad memories onto poor little Haley, who got a verbal ass-whooping? It’s unclear, but here is what I know for sure — the judges are terrible. Watch Haley’s performance below, and watch the second video to see Chris Judd with Michael Jackson (he appears at the eight minute mark).
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American Idol Recap — The Judges Are Crazy

I admit that this season’s American Idol is like a train wreck I can’t turn away from.  Every time someone performs, I yearn for Simon Cowell, especially when the judges are elated with a wretched performance.  Where is Simon to call these performers “indulgent” and “boring.”  As an example, I’m posting a video of Haley Reinhart, whose performance was so cheesy, I thought that she might have practiced it in front of a mirror imagining she was in a strip club.  I hate to be so rude, but watch below and judge for yourself.  Too mean?