American Idol Recap — The Judges Are Crazy

I admit that this season’s American Idol is like a train wreck I can’t turn away from.  Every time someone performs, I yearn for Simon Cowell, especially when the judges are elated with a wretched performance.  Where is Simon to call these performers “indulgent” and “boring.”  As an example, I’m posting a video of Haley Reinhart, whose performance was so cheesy, I thought that she might have practiced it in front of a mirror imagining she was in a strip club.  I hate to be so rude, but watch below and judge for yourself.  Too mean?

One thought on “American Idol Recap — The Judges Are Crazy”

  1. i agree! she is lousy and yes she should have a pole and dance. the judges arre sooooo wrong this season. i just cant watch anymore.  

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