Jennifer Lopez Hates Haley Reinhart’s ‘Earth Song’ — Is Chris Judd to Blame?

I received a call from a friend tonight who keenly smelled a rat after watching Jennifer Lopez attack Haley Reinhart’s rendition of Michael Jackson’s ‘Earth Song.’ Lopez said that even though the song was “inspiring,” she needs to think about the competition itself when she performs, followed by a condescending use of the word “baby.” Since Jennifer Lopez consistently avoids criticizing the contestants, her comments were suspicious. As it turns out, Lopez’s first husband, Chris Judd, is directly connected to Haley’s song. In 1997, Judd performed the song with Michael Jackson during Jackson’s German tour. So did Lopez project her bad memories onto poor little Haley, who got a verbal ass-whooping? It’s unclear, but here is what I know for sure — the judges are terrible. Watch Haley’s performance below, and watch the second video to see Chris Judd with Michael Jackson (he appears at the eight minute mark).

8 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez Hates Haley Reinhart’s ‘Earth Song’ — Is Chris Judd to Blame?”

  1. I am a woman, viewer from abroad, and I know envy when I see it, and television is not a good place to try to hide your true feelings. Jennifer is envious of Haley’s humongous talent, voice, technique, beauty and youth; nevermind her persistance. Jennifer will never have that and she cannot bear it. Me and my family where Jennifer fans, but seeing such a miserable attitude with the younger true talent, well the music we have on her is going down the drain. Go Haley! I truly hope to witness a great career in that girl and that she takes a lesson for the future, when its her turn to mentor others.

    1. I think Haley will be more than willing to mentor others. Her high-school music teacher had this to say about her:

      “I knew her personally as a former teacher, and I can comfortably say
      there isn’t one sense of entitlement, or snobbery in that kid. She’s
      humble, eager to improve, and totally laid back. She was incredibly
      encouraging, helpful and supportive of her peers, and she’s always been a
      very smart musician, both theoretically and creatively. She’s been exposed to a huge variety of music her whole life, and it
      shows comfortably in anything she attempts to sing. She’s always well
      liked, very respectful, and is the furthest thing from a diva.”

  2. My whole life I was a huge fan of Jennifer Lopez. I always admired her, but after watching her on American Idol, she is no longer my #1. She is an unfair judge!!!! Jennifer’s envious emotion toward Healey took the best of her. Healey has beauty and an amazing voice. Jennifer, it was so low and mean putting Healey down when she need a mentor. I did not like your attitude Jennifer! And Healey sweetie you have a lot of talent and show Jennifer, and the world what you’re made of.  Jennifer you should be ashamed of yourself. You do not deserve to be a judge when you are such a jealous person. You are an old woman that you took it out with a 21 year old.  YOU ARE UNFAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Catalina (Anaheim California)

  3.  This is the stupidest shit I’ve ever heard……..and btw J.Lo is so not jealous of Haley………Jen sold millions of album, have many box office success, a mega international superstar and have a beautiful family………I luv Haley but Jen was giving her directions but haley got a stank attitude…….if u r in show biz with that attitude, u’re getting nowhere!!!!

    1. I’m not sure if she’s jealous — but she’s certainly inconsistent —
      as are all the judges. There’s been some horrific performances that
      the judges praise, and some mediocre performances that they lambaste.
      They have absolutely no clue what they want, and Haley was an
      unfortunate victim of their incompetence.

    2. Jennifer was being paid $10 million by AI. Next year she’ll make $20 million. She’ll follow the script she’s given.

  4.  I don’t think JLo intentionally wants to bring Haley down. I think she means to help all of them. Except with music and singing, you cannot please everyone. JLo is a pop star crowd pleasing type. Her taste in music would trend in that direction. Hence, it is easier for her to like songs that are more well accepted e.g. Lauren’s and Scotty’s song types. Steven and Randy will also have personal preferences that affects their professional judgement.
    It is obvious Jlo is not a Zeppelin fan. She likes mainstream music and so does the majority of America. Her advise is not wrong. It’s just Haley’s taste and style in music is quite varied and very interesting indeed. She’s super cool.

  5. Jennifer Lopez is jealous of REAL talent like Haley Reinhart, I for one will NEVER support or buy JLO shit anymore.

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