Did ‘The Voice’ Edit Out Christina Aguilera’s Lady Gaga Tirade?

I’m often confused by a Producer’s decision to remove controversial segments of a show.  Sure, they might cause a stir, but it makes for great television, and it would certainly make headlines.  Plus, it’s real.  Reports are circulating that Christina Aguilera is a diva on the new show, The Voice, and she recently took aim Lady Gaga while critiquing a contestant’s performance.  If it’s true that Aguilera insulted Gaga (which wouldn’t be the first time), then they should have aired the segment.  People would surely tune in to see her antics.  Though this story came out of The National Enquirer and is therefore subject to speculation, my experience tells me that reports of diva behavior are usually true. Employees on the show often become infuriated enough to blab to tabloids, in hopes of damaging the reputation of terrible celebrities.

One thought on “Did ‘The Voice’ Edit Out Christina Aguilera’s Lady Gaga Tirade?”

  1. Christina is a natural talent… people are being difficult. let her be!…cannot compare her to Lady Gaga…Ms. Gaga is a freak,…but has limited talent..

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