‘Idol’s’ Paul McDonald — The Best of the Night — Judges are Nuts

I just got around to watching last night’s American Idol and, true to form, I became enraged.  I disagreed with the judges on every single performance.  Because I try to be a positive Dishmaster (no — I’m not kidding), I will only point out who I liked that judges did not, instead of listing every single singer that the judges like, who I thought were God awful.  During the judges’ critique of Paul McDonald they insulted his suit (which I liked) and they told him he needed to “go further” with his voice (which is ridiculous).   Not every contestant on American Idol needs to engage in vocal gymnastics to be impressive.  I might stop watching this show altogether, for fear of destroying my television.  Watch Paul McDonald sing Elton John’s Rocket Man below.  He was my favorite of the night, with Casey Abrams coming in a close second.  I keep my mouth shut on the rest.

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