James Franco and Letterman Share Oscar Horror Stories

James Franco stopped by Letterman to discuss his Oscar hosting failure, and there was no better place to vent. Letterman still jokes about his own failure as an Oscar host, so he clearly empathized with Franco. Franco was very funny during the interview, saying that a lot of people thought he was “under the influence” but he blames Anne Hathaway for the misunderstanding. According to Franco, her energy was so insane, “the Tasmanian devil would look stoned next to her.” Why do I get the strange feeling that James Franco and Anne Hathaway actually hate each other? To be fair to Franco, they were equally bad. But I give him a lot of credit for having a sense of humor about it.

2 thoughts on “James Franco and Letterman Share Oscar Horror Stories”

  1. franco sucked. he tanked. he’s a loser. the writers equally sucked. the one person who was good was anne hathaway. when u go in front of an audience — especially that one — you have an obligation to give it your all. for him to tank like that was a slap in the face to the entire acting profession. thanks for giving him a pass. u really get it.

    1. Whoa! What’s with the hostility. First, I never gave him a pass, and you
      would know that if you read my blog. See the link below.


      Second, Anne Hathaway was equally horrible, even though her energy was
      higher. The bottom line is, neither one of these guys are comedic actors,
      and they should not have accepted the invitation in the first place. I
      blame the asshole executives who chose them to host. If you’re not a
      comedian (like Steve Martin) or you’re not a performer (like High Jackman),
      then you have no business being there. It’s not that they didn’t put the
      effort in, it’s that they never stood a chance.

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