89TH Annual Academy Awards — Red Carpet Photos

The 2017 Oscars are in full force, which means the fashion extravaganza has begun. Though I’ve been mostly disappointed with the less-than-innovative designs, there are a few winners, and it’s surprisingly the most simplistic silhouettes. In fact, sometimes beauty is at it’s height when most toned-down, which means Viola Davis and Taraji P. Henson win the award. Get your fix of fashion photos below, and hover over the images to see each name.


John Legend and Common Perform ‘Glory’ — WATCH NOW

One of the Oscars most inspirational moments came from Common and John Legend, who performed Glory, which immediately elevated all the energy inside the Dolby Theater, so as to suggest that ‘Selma’s’ alleged snub was of no consequence to these gentleman. In fact, it might have pushed them harder. Watch the emotional performance below.

Patricia Arquette Wins Best Supporting Actress: Fights for Equal Pay

You know you made a good point when Meryl Streep gives you a “Hell Yeah” from the audience at the Oscars. Patricia Arquette used her very short stage time to address wage equality for women everywhere, which adds to a larger #askhermore movement that encourages reporters to ask women more challenging questions on the red carpet. While I love fluffy fashion questions, it would also be nice to dive deeper into the actual movies these actors are there to promote. Watch Patricia’s speech below.

Lady Gaga Wins the #OSCARS: Watch Now

Lady Gaga graced the stage of the 2015 Oscars, and she stole the show. With an unforgettable tribute to the Sound of Music, Gaga showed her vocal prowess in a way the audience has never seen. Though her talent has never been questioned, her avant-garde antics have made it difficult to hold her in high esteem. Last night’s performance changed everything. And the internet agrees. Watch below as she performs a medley of iconic tunes from The Sound of Music.

Is Seth MacFarlane a Misogynist? Hollywood Hypocrisy Hits a High Note

Seth Macfarlane OscarsEqual opportunity offenders always get a pass. The reason? Because if you offend everyone, then it’s clear your heart isn’t actually advocating the joke. But it seems most news outlets have forgotten that Seth MacFarlane took universal digs during his gig as Oscar host, and they are only focusing on his misogyny, most notably his “boobs” song and dance, and his dig at Adele’s weight. As for the Jews? Well, who really cares that he made an anti-Semitic joke when he disrespected women, right?

As a woman, allow me to say that my panties are not in a knot. Hollywood women are notorious for overtly sexualizing themselves on every magazine cover, and constantly consenting to gratuitous on-screen nudity. If you want equality, then act equal. Don’t spread your legs on a Maxim cover and then ask for MacFarlane’s respect. Furthermore, lighten up.

Should the United States Have Detained Emad Burnat? — Michael Moore is Outraged

5_Broken_Cameras_Movie_Poster_LargeIf you make a film that is critical of the United States of a United States ally, does it stand to reason that the United States will and should give you extra attention when you enter its country? It’s an intriguing question that folks like Michael Moore seem to think has a definitive answer. Unlike Michael Moore, I believe the line to be squishy.

When Michael Moore’s friend, Palestinian filmmaker Emad Burnat, was detained by immigration officials at the Los Angeles International Airport on his way to attend the Oscars for his film, 5 Broken Cameras, Moore was outraged, and his outrage has caused subsequent controversy after Guardian columnist and blogger Glenn Greenwald called out Buzzfeed reporter Tessa Stuart for inaccurately downplaying what happened. According to Greenwald, Stuart allegedly used a government official as her source, and any such official would obviously be biased.

Now that I’ve summarized the events, allow me to make my point. My issue doesn’t surround the length of Burnat’s detention. It’s whether the United States had the right to take extra precautions. Is it really relevant that the man was invited to the Oscars? If our national security is at issue, then he should be detained. It’s clear Moore felt no such security was at issue, and this was akin to profiling. But is racial profiling okay if it pertains to our safety?

Oscars 2013 — A Full Review

OSCAR-2013-Promo-Poster-01Despite my assured proclamations to my brother that Seth MacFarlane would be “the worst host in Oscar history,” even The Dishmaster can eat crow. He was good. He was classy, capable, and enjoyable. He got out of the way, knowing exactly when to assert himself and when to exit. As for the show, there were some memorable performances, including a killer solo by Jennifer Hudson, and a did-she-age-backwards moment from Barbra Streisand. And who can forget Jennifer Lawrence’s fall on her way to the stage, which she eloquently dismissed, making her ever-the-more likable. As for Ben Affleck, he’s validated his talent ten times over, and he’s also got a date with his fellow producer, who hogged the stage in a self-aggrandizing rant, perhaps eaten by his own ego. When he finally got his humble moment, Affleck hilariously confessed that his marriage is work, “but the best kind of work,” which brought me nostalgically back to the day when he accepted his first Oscar, speaking exceptionally fast and off-the-cuff. There was a tasteless closing song that I’ll pretend I never heard, because . . . well . . . you can’t have everything.

Quote of the Day — Angelina Jolie’s Right Leg Get’s a Twitter Account

“Left leg and I talked — everything’s cool. Next Oscars, she gets the slit.” Angelina Jolie’s right leg, on the media madness surrounding Angelina Jolie’s slit (which included the hilarious @AngiesRightLeg twitter account) and the subsequent jealously from Jolie’s left leg.


Jim Rash Mocks Angelina Jolie’s Leg During Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar Acceptance Speech

The verdict is in, and Jim Rash had the best joke at the Oscars. While accepting the award for Best Adapted Screenplay for his work on The Descendants, Rash imitated Angelina Jolie’s moderately ridiculous pose by over-extending his own leg. Seriously though — even Jennifer Lopez’s green Versace dress didn’t draw this much attention — and it’s not because Jolie’s dress was risqué. It’s because it looked as though Jolie deliberately stuck her leg out of the dress for shock value. It didn’t work. Watch the video below.

Eddie Murphy to Host the Oscars — Good Choice!

For years I’ve wondered what happened to Eddie Murhpy. He’s considered one of the greatest comedians in history, and he hasn’t done stand-up in years. So did he just get comfortable with his millions and lose the hunger to perform? As it turns out, Murphy is returning to the spotlight to host the Oscars, and presumably to promote his new film, ‘Tower Heist.’ I’m glad the Oscar executives learned a thing or two after last year’s hosting debacle. And though it pains me to admit that the douchey Brett Ratner might have done something right, the trailer for ‘Tower Heist’ looks really good. Watch below.