Eddie Murphy Resigns as Oscar Host — Follows Brett Ratner

I hope the Academy just learned a lesson about the ramifications of being puritanical hypocrites. Eddie Murphy predictably stepped down as Oscar host after learning that his friend, Brett Ratner, “resigned” as the show’s producer. The Academy likely fired Ratner without realizing the risk of losing Murphy. The Ratner debacle began with a series of loose-lipped interviews, most notably his quote that “rehearsal is for fags.” Had they fired Ratner immediately after he made the bigoted remark, I’d be fine with it. But that’s not why he was fired. Ratner was fired because of his candid Howard Stern interview, in which he detailed his sex life, including making Lindsay Lohan get an STD test prior to sleeping with her and being “in love with eating pus*y.” Though I detest Brett Ratner, there’s an underlying lesson to be learned here — you can use bigoted words, but you can’t openly discuss your sex life. You know . . . because that’s inappropriate. And despite my Ratner hatred, losing Murphy as a host should have been enough to keep Ratner. I predict a very boring Academy Awards this year.

Eddie Murphy to Host the Oscars — Good Choice!

For years I’ve wondered what happened to Eddie Murhpy. He’s considered one of the greatest comedians in history, and he hasn’t done stand-up in years. So did he just get comfortable with his millions and lose the hunger to perform? As it turns out, Murphy is returning to the spotlight to host the Oscars, and presumably to promote his new film, ‘Tower Heist.’ I’m glad the Oscar executives learned a thing or two after last year’s hosting debacle. And though it pains me to admit that the douchey Brett Ratner might have done something right, the trailer for ‘Tower Heist’ looks really good. Watch below.