Is Seth MacFarlane a Misogynist? Hollywood Hypocrisy Hits a High Note

Seth Macfarlane OscarsEqual opportunity offenders always get a pass. The reason? Because if you offend everyone, then it’s clear your heart isn’t actually advocating the joke. But it seems most news outlets have forgotten that Seth MacFarlane took universal digs during his gig as Oscar host, and they are only focusing on his misogyny, most notably his “boobs” song and dance, and his dig at Adele’s weight. As for the Jews? Well, who really cares that he made an anti-Semitic joke when he disrespected women, right?

As a woman, allow me to say that my panties are not in a knot. Hollywood women are notorious for overtly sexualizing themselves on every magazine cover, and constantly consenting to gratuitous on-screen nudity. If you want equality, then act equal. Don’t spread your legs on a Maxim cover and then ask for MacFarlane’s respect. Furthermore, lighten up.

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